The Rotating Earth
and Planet Tectonics

The shaping of Planet Earth by its Rotational Velocity


This treatise relates tectonic processes to the circumferential forces associated with the rotational velocity of the planet Earth. This approach allows for alternative explanations to the convection current system, to be offered to describe tectonic plate movements. In developing this argument, the following points will be examined and discussed.

  1. The positioning of the centre of mass (COM) of the Earth that gives rise to both the tilt and in the case of the Earth, its ‘wobbly’ motion. This is noted by the cyclical movement of the principal of axis of rotation as noted by the Milankovitch cycles.

  2. The development of the mathematical relationship between the differential circumferential forces in the crust, the offset COM, and the Earth’s rotational velocity.

  3. The creation of the principal N-S axis of rotation by the mutual gravitational pull of the Sun.

  4. The extrapolation of the above action to the planets, their common hand of rotation and similar tilt angles.

  5. The introduction of the concept of the momentum of the moving plates and its initiation of the subduction cycle.

  6. Subduction is thus shown to be a consequence of the developed momentum of the moving tectonic plates as distinct from being the driving force.

  7. The development of an alternative cycle of continuous lithosphere regeneration that challenges the presently accepted Wilson cycle.

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